Our Vision

Agricultural development can be done successfully, at scale, and in a sustainable, productive, equitable and resilient way. Food can be equitably produced and distributed, agricultural systems can become resilient to stresses and shocks, and markets and value chains can provide incomes and reduce risks for smallholders.

The challenges of food insecurity, malnutrition, climate change, population growth and unemployment, however, require that sustainable agriculture is achieved through Sustainable Intensification. Creating more durable benefits and using inputs on a more targeted and sustainable basis without damaging the environmental resources on which it depends is the core of Sustainable Intensification. The goals embrace the conservation and enhancement of natural landscapes and ecosystem services, reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, the strengthening social and human capital, as well as providing sustainable livelihoods for rural communities, including women and youth.

While ambitious, Sustainable Intensification can reduce poverty and malnutrition, help communities adapt to climate change and create vibrant rural economies.