The Global Forum for Food and Agriculture (GFFA) is an international conference that focuses on central questions concerning the future of the global agri-food industry. It gives representatives from the worlds of politics, business, science and civil society an opportunity to share ideas and enhance understanding on a selected topic of current agricultural policy.

The GFFA 2016 took place in Berlin from 14 – 16 January 2016 on the subject: “How to feed our cities? – Agriculture and rural areas in an era of urbanisation”

Gordon Conway participated as a panel member in the opening event on 14th January, which marked the official start of the discussions and aimed to give an introduction to the topic, outlining its manifold aspects and paving the way for the discussions hosted by the Federal Minister of Food and Agriculture (BMEL) in cooperation with the Berlin Senate, Messe Berlin GmbH and the GFFA Berlin Association.

Gordon Conway participating in the GFFA

Gordon Conway participating in the GFFA

He also be participated in the High Level Panel European Commission, entitled “The country and the city: competition or cooperation?”on 15 January 2016.

Urbanisation and changing demand is exerting increasing pressures on agriculture and food supply systems. Cities spread the concrete footprint over formerly productive land, while urban dwellers expect the countryside to continue to deliver natural amenities and services.

Who calls the shots in this development? What chance to have the rural voice heard? In the lead up to the UN’s Habitat III Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development in 2016, a clear determined voice is needed from the agricultural and rural world as the crucial partner for feeding the cities of the future.

These issues were addressed by a High level Ministerial Panel drawn from different experiences from around the world. Sir Gordon Conway framed the debate with panelists from Mexico, Morocco and the EU are confirmed and Nigeria, Brazil and China invited. The Panel held a Town Hall debate with the aim that participants witnessed the policy-making process in formation with the hashtag #Food4City

For further information about the event and program, please visit the GFFA Website