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In May 2013, Agriculture for Impact and the Overseas Development Institute launched two Leaping and Learning reports.  The first, ‘Leaping & Learning: Linking Smallholders to Markets’ – a comprehensive review of the existing literature on smallholder-centred market-based interventions.

The aim of the programme is to provide development partners with access to independent, evidence-based recommendations that set out practical policy options and approaches for scaling up smallholder agricultural development in sub-Saharan Africa to ensure food and nutrition security and poverty reduction

Our approach

A key challenge for agricultural development is how to link small-scale, family farmers to providers of financial services, inputs, technical advice and marketing; thereby allowing smallholders to innovate, invest and enjoy better livelihoods. Many government agencies, non-governmental organisations, or private firms are working to facilitate such links. But there is much to learn.  This programme is reviewing such experiences, to distil good practice.

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